Budget Biz

From Malaysia

Destination Business Class First Class
USA RM 10000 RM 13000
Europe RM 9000 RM 11000
Australia RM 8500 RM 10500
China/Korea/Japan RM 4500 N/A
India RM 4000 N/A

Fares are all inclusive and incorporate estimates of taxes and fee’s. As each ticket is different please request a quote for final pricing, terms and conditions.

A complimentary en-route stopover can be incorporated into most itineraries if requested. One way and last minute flights can also be accommodated.


Carriers include

Singapore Airlines                United

Thai Airways                       Qantas

British Airways                     Lufthansa

Cathy Pacific                       Asiana

Air France                           & Other Quality Airlines

Business Class for the Middle Class.

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